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Consignaciones Caribe, C.A., is a company founded on June 22, 1978 as a Venezuelan organization dedicated to customs agency and shipping agency activities, currently is catalogued as one of the main service providers of its area to date. Its main headquarters is located only five (5) minutes from the International Port of Guaranao, the central point of operations in the region.
In the 80’s Consignaciones Caribe, C.A. undertakes a process of growth and expansion in the central-western region of the country providing logistic services to corporations for the paper importation, wood and chemicals.
Over the years, Consignaciones Caribe, C.A., actively participates in the regional development plans for the improvement of services and strategic plans at national level, the most relevant logistical work carried out where the company was involved are:

The company has been a fundamental part in the logistics of the commercial area of ​​the Paraguaná tourist investment Free Zone. Since the 90s, Consignaciones Caribe, C.A., has attended one of the most important lines in the hemisphere, such as Intermarine.


Philosophy that drives excellence

 Explore every aspect of our operations and how we are committed to exceeding expectations, providing world-class logistic solutions.


Provide customs agency and shipping agency services that timely meet the needs and expectations of customers, in order to achieve the strengthening and leadership of Consignaciones Caribe, C.A. with technology, professionalism, responsibility, integration, transparency and respect; in an environment of belonging and welfare of the members of the company, as well as adequate remuneration for shareholders and society in general.


Be the best in Falcon state to provide logistic support services in the international trade chain, with organizational capacity and professionalism, providing accurate, timely information and comprehensive solutions in the area.

Quality Policy

Provide customs agency and shipping agency services that satisfy the requirements of the interested parties, offering a safe, timely and reliable service, complying with the legal and regulatory framework supported by the requirements of the current ISO 9001 standard, ensuring the skills of a trained staff , the care of the environment and continuous improvement of work processes.

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