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Comprehensive logistic solutions tailored to your needs.

 From customs brokerage to cargo transportation, each service is executed with precision and commitment. Explore our offerings, backed by experience to enhance your supply chain.


In Consignaciones Caribe, C.A. we are in the capacity to offer our clients quality products and services, with the best commercial  conditions possible and deliveries in optimal terms of quality and time, using the knowledge of international markets from sources mainly in the industrial oil and mining sector, as well as our network of local and global suppliers.
Additionally, we can advise on the location, evaluation and selection of suppliers in Asia, through the supervision, inspection and quality assurance and quality control (QA / QC).


We guarantee the security of your cargo in our warehouses since we have a service based on capability, experience, involvement and proactive attitude in each work carried out, using the appropriate equipment for the management of each product.
In Consignaciones Caribe, C.A., we offer you the best facilities to store import merchandise in our warehouses, under the In-Bond regimes.

Consolidation and deconsolidation

We consolidate and deconsolidate containers of one or more consignees to be transported under a single transport document, considering the different aspects such as cubage, type of stowage, characteristics and symbologies of the container among others, applying the relevant regulations and permits.

Stowage and Packaging

We carry out the operations of handling all kinds of goods in ports, from the loading and unloading of ships to their storage. For this, we have the necessary machinery and qualified staff, performing the operations in an agile, efficient and safe way.

Maritime and Air Freight

We offer maritime and air freight service in ports around the world, in which we ensure that our clients’ cargo reaches the correct destination, within the agreed time and with the best market conditions possible.

Shipping Agency

We provide technical assistance and logistics services in the reception, operation and ship’s dispatch, offering quality services in the management of shipping operations, achieving international recognition of our customers. We offer coverage from the arrival of the vessel, berthing, monitoring of your dock operations, departure and communications required between the official entities and port captaincy.

Customs Agency

We perform the procedures required by the customs authorities either for import or export, ensuring that your cargoes are accompanied by all the necessary documentation (customs duties and any other that the customs authority of the destination port requires) by the national and international authorities for the presentation, valuation and delivery of the goods.

Freight Forwarding

In Consignaciones Caribe, C.A. we provide cargo transportation services, delivering tailor-made solutions, combining operational and technological features, security, infrastructure and environmental management. We are able to transport oversized loads, containers, materials and dangerous substances and loose cargo.


Our main goal is to provide a quick and efficient response in all offered services to minimize costs, earning global recognition from satisfied clients. With over

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